Call for Screening of Ethnographic Films

19th IUAES-WAU World Anthropology Congress welcomes the submission of ethnographic films for screening at the event. Those films produced after the last World Anthropology Congress held in Brazil in 2018 are eligible for entry.

Submission of Ethnographic films can be made by completing the online form.

The organisers will accept ethnographic/documentary films of anthropological interest. Films dealing with contemporary socio-cultural issues, sustainable development, health, agriculture, energy, environment, and climate change (revolving around but not restricted to G-20 themes) are desirable. Innovative and unconventional themes are equally welcome.

The duration of the film should be between 10-12 minutes. However, longer films not exceeding 30 minutes are also eligible for entry.

Only audiovisual productions produced from 2018 onwards, the date of the last IUAES World Anthropology Congress in Brazil, will be considered. Films that have already been screened at previous IUAES Inter-Congresses held at Poland (2019), Šibenik(2020) and Yucatan (2021) will NOT be considered.

The films may have been produced in 35mm, 16mm and Super 8 or video films (4K, HDV, Mini DV, DVCam). The display format should be digital only.

The organizers reserve the right to make public screenings of the selected films for programmes that publicize the event, in festival itineraries, at no additional cost.

Ethnographic films will be accepted in any language, but since the accessibility of the films is fundamental, it is mandatory that the film is subtitled in English. This will be a pre-selection judgment criterion.

Schedule of the Ethnographic Films Exhibition

Opening of the submissions - June 30, 2023
Submission deadline - August 7, 2023
Announcement of accepted ethnographic films - August 14, 2023
Film Screening during the Congress - October 15 - 19, 2023