Frequently asked Questions

Q1. How can I apply for a Visa to attend the Congress?
Answer. A E- Visa link will be provided on the website.

Q2. What is the Venue for the Congress?
Answer. The venue for the Congress will be University of Delhi, Delhi, India

Q3. Is there any good accommodation near the venue?
Answer. Yes, there are a lot of hotels near the venue. Details of the hotels will be updated in the accommodation tab soon.

Q4 What is the registration fee for presenting at the Congress?
Answer. Registration fee details shall be updated on the website after the call for papers is over. It will be comparable to most international conferences, including the previous IUAES events.

Q5. Is there funding available for attending the Congress?
Answer. The congress organiseres have approached some of the National and International funding agency. Once we hear from them we will announce the funding possibility especially for young scholars.

Q6. I am a student. Do I have to pay the same fee as others?
Answer. Students from low-income category can apply for discount. Depending on availability of funding, and the quality of the paper, they may be considered.

Q7. I don’t have any presentation but can I still attend and listen to the Congress?
Answer. We will announce the registration fee for the same closer to the Congress date.

Q8. What can my role be in the congress?
Answer. You can have 3 different roles in the Congress
  1. Convenor/ Co-Convenor of any ONE of the following: panel, workshop, roundtable
  2. Chair/co-chair or discussant for a panel/ Round table
  3. Paper presenter. You can be a co-author for a second paper. However, you can present only one paper and may handle questions for the second paper.
Q 9. I have proposed a panel which has been accepted, do I have to reach out to the paper readers?
Answer. Please advertise your panel widely on social networking sites. Motivate your colleagues and other stakeholders to submit papers.

Q 10. What are the steps for paper submission?
Answer. Please follow the following order
  1. All papers can be submitted ONLY through the ‘Abstract Submission Tab’ provided on the website.
  2. Choose panel for which you want to submit a paper
  3. Fill in details of authors along with their institutional affiliation
  4. Provide a title (maximum 20 words)
  5. Provide a Short abstract (maximum 75 words)
  6. Provide a long abstract stating the subject and objectives of the proposal, highlighting its academic or practical relevance to the anthropological sciences (maximum 300 words).
  7. Three to five keywords.
Q 11. What is the language of submission?
Answer. Abstracts must be written in English

Q 12. How do I know which panels are onsite and which are online?
Answer. Panels are differentiated on the basis of color which corresponds to their online or onsite status. Onsite panels are in BLUE while Online are in GREEN. Please double check your selection.

Q 13. How many papers can I submit?
Answer. You can have a MAXIMUM OF TWO PAPERS in the conference. If two of your papers get selected then, you can be a presenting author on one paper, and a co-author on a second paper. If you are a co-author for a second paper, you will not be the presenter for the first paper. However, you are welcome to participate in the Q&A for the paper. All authors of the paper will have equal weightage.

Q 14. What if I am a single author on two papers and both get selected?
Answer. It is advisable to give your best paper for presentation at the conference, if two papers (with you as single/presenting author) get selected, you will have to retract one.

Q 15. None of the panels are suitable for my paper submission. What can I do?
Answer. In case you don’t find a panel, which is a best fit for your paper, you can submit your paper at the OPEN PANEL.