Split Registration

Due to overwhelming response and popular request, split registration is being made available to those who want to attend the conference (onsite) for select number of days instead of a week.
Please find below the registration details of 3 days/split registration.
Split registration will be open from 29th August to 12th September.

Registration Category
Income Category
USD (Conference fees + IUAES membership fees + *GST)
INR (Conference fees + IUAES membership fees + *GST)
Split Registration
29th August - 12th September, 2023
Low Income
(< 14850 USD annually)
USD 96
INR 7900
Middle Income
(14850 USD to USD 24750 annually)
USD 102
INR 8400
High Income
(> USD 24750)
USD 108
INR 8900

Standard Registration (earlier designed at a higher rate) has been dropped to ensure greater participation.

Dates for Advance Registration has been extended till 12th September 2023.
NEFT - Bank Transfer Details
Kindly forward the payment by remittance directly to our account as per details given below:
Name of the Beneficiary : Alpcord Network Event & Conferences Management Co. Private Limited
Registered Office : 614, 6th Floor, New Delhi House, 27, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi-110001 INDIA
Bank Account Details
Current Account No. : 06782320000964
Address : M-39, Outer Circle, Cannaught Place, New Delhi-110001 INDIA
For the Credit of : HDFC Bank Ltd. M-39, Outer Circle, Cannaught Place, New Delhi-110001 INDIA
Please share the Bank transfer receipt of your transfer to online@alpcord.com

We are using Online payment Gateway PAypal for International Transactions & Cash free & Pay U for Domestic Transactions