The nearest metro station to the conference venue is Vishwavidhyala Metro Station, located on the yellow line of Delhi Metro services. To facilitate a smoother arrival at the venue, take Gate no. 4 of Vishwavidhyala Metro Station as your exit, and University Gate no. 4 is at walking distance of 15 mins on Chhatra Marg or one can take the E-Rickshaw to reach the venue. To enhance your travel experience, it's advisable to download the Delhi Metro App, which provides real-time updates and helps plan your journey efficiently. Moreover, Delhi boasts a widespread cab service network i.e. Ola/Uber ensuring easy access to transportation across the city. For exploring nearby attractions affordably, utilizing local auto-rickshaw services around the campus is a viable option. These auto-rickshaws provide a cost-effective means of travel, allowing you to visit nearby places comfortably. Whether you prefer the Delhi Metro, cabs, or auto-rickshaws, the city offers diverse transportation options to suit your convenience and make your travel seamless during your time at the conference.